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From time to time I post thoughts on issues of national policy to my blog at Education Week, which is called Independent Schools, Common Perspectives.

May 8, by Peter Gow. We keep hearing about data, and how data analysis is going to help education chart its own course toward salvation. When the accrediting process for independent schools added a kind of data […] April 24, by Peter Gow.

As I bade farewell to […] April 8, by Peter Gow. Yesterday I found myself in a discussion with a head of school who was decrying the ways in which—in his opinion—the tradition of teacher autonomy has limited the development of new and improved practice in independent schools.

Taking the long view, I have to say that I […] March 27, by Peter Gow. For those who support the idea of whole-child education and who believe that […] March 17, by Peter Gow.

March 14, by Peter Gow. I want to believe that there are reasons to cheer on the new SAT as much as the next person, but I keep coming up with more questions than reasons to stand on my school roof and dance.

I know that David Coleman, in all sincerity, sees […] March 12, by Peter Gow. Every now and then I am overcome by guilt over my own role in this echo chamber of the blogosphere.

The other day I wrote here about outsourcing, the tendency in schools these days to hand over responsibility for a myriad of institutional tasks to third-party vendors whose efficiencies and expertise ostensibly make it easier, and maybe cheaper, for schools to let someone else do it.

In […] March 6, by Peter Gow. I remember the happy day Pop inked the contract with a food service company, in one gesture removing his most vexatious operational burden.

Pretty […] Quite possibly this should be the point of […] February 21, by Peter Gow. The weather, mercifully not snowing in Boston, at least, remains bleak and gray, the skies matching the snowbanks along the streets and sidewalks.

Some vast percentage of the Lower 48 has experienced extremes of weather in the past month or […] February 19, by Peter Gow. Today my father would have been 90, an age that I suspect he is happy never to have attained, as his final mids […] The phone rang at this morning, and she would have slept through it.

But I answered and handed it to my spouse so that she could receive the news that she could go back to sleep. School was closed.

This has been a common scenario this […] February 2, by Peter Gow. It was just across the street, so I could go there whenever I wanted.

January 29, by Peter Gow. A large part of my life these days is a kind of distillation of what it has been for a while: advancing the work of independent schools.

January 9, by Peter Gow. I posted this message yesterday January 8 in several of the National Association of Independent Schools online communities.

Since these are for members only, I was encouraged to find a more public forum. So here is the message, as posted: Over the past year or so I […] January 4, by Peter Gow.

This afternoon I spent several very happy hours exploring yet another confluence of really interesting and powerful notions, the UnConference and the Google Hangout.

I just want to put it out there that one of the more educational aspects of EdCamp Home […] December 30, by Peter Gow. I found myself in an interesting conversation yesterday with a coeval—in fact, a high school classmate.

We were watching a hockey game involving our distant alma mater, the unlikeliest of fans and the unlikeliest of alumni lettermen in this sport—I the one-time manager and he the statistician.

December 22, by Peter Gow. Vast tracts of my brain are devoted to old advertising slogans, songs […] Lately I was gently and privately chided for expressing skepticism about the role of business enterprises—the people who sell us our computers, our textbooks, our desks, our apps, our standardized tests, our paper towels, and our trays of ravioli—in schools.

December 14, by Peter Gow. These are strange times for educational standards. Or are they a Trojan horse for more testing and yet further reductions […] December 8, by Peter Gow.

November 26, by Peter Gow. November 14, by Peter Gow. November 12, by Peter Gow. Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with a faculty about retention […] November 5, by Peter Gow.

I think these matter a great deal, and that schools that understand their own missions and use them to power policy and program development.

Aligning what a school […] At some point when I was off at college, my father had an idea: Since his school was at that point pretty close to half Canadian, perhaps adding some sort of Canada-friendly event to the year would be good.

Since many students already mostly went home for […] October 27, by Peter Gow. October 23, by Peter Gow. October 22, by Peter Gow. August 1, by Peter Gow.

Just another quick update. The months of my blogging at Education Week go on; yesterday I posted my 52nd entry, which has me two-thirds of the way through the current plan.

But I miss spending time here. March 21, by Peter Gow. It was good to be all together again, with […] February 14, by Peter Gow. February 3, by Peter Gow.

January 11, by Peter Gow. Lucky me! In a week I start a half-year sabbatical, my first since and a real privilege for which I will be eternally grateful to my school.

December 24, by Peter Gow. Light is vanquishing darkness in our hemisphere. I was raised […] December 15, by Peter Gow.

The younger generation has grown and moved on, but their mother—a teacher and counselor, author of a book on grief—lives in town, a few blocks from the school.

December 13, by Peter Gow. At least one school stated that […] December 7, by Peter Gow. Luckily, we have been given multiple lists of these […] December 5, by Peter Gow.

December 1, by Peter Gow. Ah, the season has rolled around again. November 18, by Peter Gow. October 7, by Peter Gow. The challenge for the school embarking on innovative practice is to communicate clearly and concisely what it is they are doing that sets them—and that will set their students—apart from the crowd.

October 1, by Peter Gow. Does the first part of this headline sound familiar? How many similar headlines have you read, or had tweeted to you? I see about a dozen a day, sometimes bouncing around my PLNosphere like an asteroid field.

I admit that sometimes I bite—usually when the number is […] September 27, by Peter Gow. A while back I heard an interview with British rocker and cheesemaker!

At one point in a discussion about cars, the host asked what kind of car Alex […] September 1, by Peter Gow.

Few positions in a school seem to be quite as clear in the purpose as college guidance, and to […] August 29, by Peter Gow.

Briefly: For a while it has been on my mind that independent schools here and there are up to some pretty exciting things and that for various reasons this information tends to remain within our sector of the education world.

Earlier this summer I put pen to […] The other day I heard a teacher wonder whether it was okay to ask students in a digital classroom—that is, a classroom in which every kid is packing a laptop—to keep notes in a paper notebook.

August 22, by Peter Gow. August 18, by Peter Gow. August 15, by Peter Gow. August 8, by Peter Gow.

Southside was innovative! July 26, by Peter Gow. July 24, by Peter Gow. July 18, by Peter Gow. In the last week or so there has been some startling and potentially tragic news on the accreditation front at the university level.

No fewer than three institutions, with nearly , students, have been notified that they are at immediate risk of losing their accreditation.

The public […] Informed consent: This is not a post about school bullying. Since the economy started sputtering four years ago I have noted a particularly interesting trend.

With businesses shedding jobs, prospects for college graduates looking generally dimmer than a decade ago, and a housing bubble largely inflated by the banking system pretty clearly at the bottom of our […] July 8, by Peter Gow.

If there is a consistent subtext to much of my thinking here, it is that amid all the fervor of change and development taking place in independent schools, we as educators must never lose sight to the human, personal scale on which our every action is taken […] July 5, by Peter Gow.

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Gow Blog Video

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SEO Search Engine Optimization Sizzlinghot the process of optimizing your blog to receive traffic from search engines like Google. Should you start a blog? Social media—in the classroom If you are still blocking such […] Static Content: Each blog should contain a few necessary pages explicitly designed to provide the visitor with the tools they need. We keep hearing about data, Stargames Bonus Fur Bestandskunden how data analysis is going to help education chart its own course toward salvation. November 27, by Peter Gow. Book Of Ra Zeitsystem Blogs.

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